Why is water so important?

The Earth is 70% water, but less than 1% is fresh water available for human use [source]. With the U.S. population doubling over the past 50 years, our thirst for water tripling, and at least 36 states facing water shortages by 2013, the need to conserve water is becoming more and more critical [source]. In many areas of the country, [...] dwindling water supplies, lengthening droughts, and rising demand for water are forcing communities, stakeholders, and governments to explore new ideas and find new solutions that will help ensure stable, secure water supplies for future generations [source]

Many of Michigan’s 36,000 miles of streams and 11,000 lakes are facing pressure from competing human uses, and local communities often struggle to protect and manage these valuable aquatic resources in a way that incorporates the best available knowledge and resources [source]