Current Status of Hydraulic Fracturing in Kent County

The controversial oil and gas extraction technique known as high-volume hydraulic fracturing (or 'fracking') has arrived in Kent County. If you are not very familiar with what hydraulic fracturing is, you can find out more here

We are working hard to keep you up to date on the most current information regarding hydraulic fracturing both around the globe as well as in your backyard. Be sure to check back regularly for new information! We can also be reached at for questions and comments.

Private Property Leased to Oil and Gas Industry

private property leased.jpg

We understand that much of the information we provide is controversial and can be used either productively or destructively. This information is powerful, and we are providing it to you in an effort to empower you to bring positive change in your community. 

In collaboration with the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, we have identified the amount of land that has been leased to the oil and gas industry since 2010. In combination with the public land that was leased by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on October 24, 2012, nearly 10% of the available land in Kent County has been leased with the intention to use the controversial technique of hydraulic fracturing

We are concerned that many residents have signed leases without understanding the full terms of the lease and without a complete understanding of the industrialization process of hydraulic fracturing. While some may be angered by the threat that hydraulic fracturing poses to their backyard and the surrounding areas, we encourage thoughtful and respectful discourse with your neighbors. We hope that you use this information effectively, and please contact us with any questions.

If you would like to get involved in protecting your area from the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, you can find out more information about upcoming events and meetings on our facebook page