Your Water Is Being Removed From The Water Cycle

There is a lot to learn about hydraulic fracturing, and we hope that this site is assisting you in that effort. However, there is only one fact that you really need to know:

Hydraulic fracturing permanently removes 
up to 30 million gallons of fresh water 
for a single 'frac' extraction. 

The water that is used in hydraulic fracturing can never return to the water cycle because the industrial process contaminates the water with toxic chemicals and naturally occurring, radioactive materials. If water can never return to the water cycle, then it can never be used again. Using millions of gallons of fresh water for human consumption, irrigation, power generation, and industrial processes can only continue if that water can be safely treated and returned to the water cycle. After hydraulic fracturing, the wastewater must be pumped and stored deep below the earth with the intention of never using it again. 

While the controversy surrounding hydraulic fracturing is not simple, the decision to restrict an industry from permanently removing fresh water is required to preserve our water resources. Throughout the country, numerous government agencies and representatives have stated that they would like to continue the expansion of hydraulic fracturing, yet proper impact studies have not been done on the process [source]. Furthermore, additional effects of hydraulic fracturing will damage our healtheconomy, and environment

Removing fresh water from the water cycle does not allow you or anyone else to reuse the water ever again. 

How can you keep your water in the water cycle? Just contact us, and we’ll be sure to let you know more.