About Us

Kent County Water Conservation is a non-profit organization focused on preserving the water resources and natural habitats within Kent County, Michigan. We work effectively and efficiently with local, state, and national organizations and agencies to ensure the protection and vitality of our area, utilizing digital media as a tool for storytelling to inform the public and get the community involved in the issues that they are passionate about. Check out our videos to see what we are passionate about!

Kent County is a beautiful Michigan landscape, and over half a million Michiganders call it home. KCWC works to retain the natural beauty, restore damaged water habitats, and protect our resources from future threats. We are excited to play an integral role in the continued growth and sustainability of Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities. 

Our organizational efforts are currently focused on preventing permanent water loss, water contamination, toxic air pollution, release of radioactive materials, the onset of unnatural earthquakes, and economic damages of the industrialization process associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing.